Saturday, November 2, 2013

Where's the outrage over men's sexual healthcare coverage?

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Over the past three years, there have been waves of outrage from the religious right over female contraceptives and their coverage as "preventative medicine" in the new Affordable Healthcare Act.  The Republican/Tea Party has done everything they can by way of oppressive legislation that is completely unconstitutional to suppress women's reproductive rights and access to safe abortion services and/or birth control.  The movement has been like some horror story out of the Dark Ages.

But where is the outrage over coverage under the same law for men's sexual healthcare?  Did you even know that the ACA known far and wide as Obamacare covers men's continued sexual health?  Were you aware that men have coverage, too, that keeps them "propped" up and ready to rock out with their 'penile implants' out?  I bet you had no idea.

Well, here's the low-down on the hypocrisy that suppresses women's rights to do with their own bodies as they see fit.  Here's the cray-cray (that's slang for crazy) that says women are "sluts", "moochers", "freeloaders", "hussies", and "A-moral women" for seeking to be responsible via birth control even while religious zealots masquerading as politicians tell them they must NOT have sexual relations....all while encouraging men to continue to have those same sexual relations even when age and illness tell them otherwise.  Unless these men are getting down and dirty with each other, we see some major problems with what is going on.  Women are being punished while men are being rewarded; for the same thing!

What does the ACA cover for men?

Erectile dysfunction drugs
Vacuum erection devices (penis pumps)
Penile implants
Circumcision (because now and again, they need a little "shave" and a haircut)
(Read entire article- 5 Sexual Health Services Insurance Will Cover on Raw Story)

If men can't get it up, insurance will help "prop" it up.  Most don't have a problem with this, but when such is countered by massive oppression of women's rights to reproductive healthcare, there's a problem, and it's called misogyny, inequality, and just plain unqualified ridiculousness.

So again, where's the outrage from the right?  Where are the picket signs saying "If God wanted your penis to rise like Lazarus from the dead, he'd send in his son to raise it!"?  OR "Penis Pumps are the Devil's Lips!"
How about "Your impotence is HIS way of saying "Stop sucking the government teet!"

I know, just silly, right?  But those silly words are great examples of the asinine crusade against women's rights when it comes to reproductive health (minus the usual misspellings noted on said signs created by Tea Party members).  So, where's the outrage?

Ladies, it's time for a counter-protest.  Feel free to borrow my slogans.

M. Gwynn is a freelance journalist, author, editor, and blogger.  She is a contributing writer for, FashionErotica Magazine,, and as the San Antonio Sex & Relationships advisor. 


  1. tony, these procedures were already covered by most health insurances before aca, you dipshit.

  2. hope you never have prostate cancer