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Was Mary Matalin off her face on Bill Maher?

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Was Republican pundit, Mary Matalin (wife of Democratic pundit James Carville) off her face on live television Friday night?

If being incoherent, running in super slow-mo, having weepy eyes, and drooling is any indication, then the answer is probably YES!

Friday's premier of the return of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO had viewers climbing over themselves to comment on Facebook about Matalin's effed up behavior.  Maher was unusually kind to the verbally stumbling woman by trying to casually insert that Matalin had taken a fall earlier in the week and was still recovering, but it seemed more like she was enjoying some adult beverages, a hand-full of pain killers, and a little Real Time Green Room gonga prior to walking out and joining the panel of guests that happened to include her husband, Carville.

It was painful to watch.  I actually felt embarrassed for her and more so for her husband.  However, Matalin seemed to personify in that moment (and recorded for all posterity effectively squashing any credibility she once had) of all that is wrong with the Republican Party today.

Besides going on television clearly intoxicated by some substance, (the party that says welfare users and minorities are ALL on drugs--say what?), she tried to tell Bill and the panel that raising the minimum wage isn't the answer to helping get people out of poverty and off government assistance.  Instead, she said education is the key (Duh!) while willfully ignoring the fact that her party is responsible for gutting education at the state and national levels, is against reforming student loan interest rates, and does all they can to insert ignorant, non-factual religious teachings into red state schools (Creationism) and call it science.  Her party is that of the climate deniers, the evolution deniers, and cling to religious morality as a basis for lawmaking despite the First Amendment.  She is further willfully ignroant of the fact that minimum wage jobs are the sole jobs of many aults these days as the breadwinners of the household.  She sat there and tried to say that minimum wage jobs were only 'secondary income' for adults and inferred that those jobs don't support families.  Indeed, they don't.  Not with what they pay.  However, the median age of those working full time in minimum wage jobs today is 29, not 16.  These people are requiring government assistance to subsidize what employers do not; health insurance, food stamps, and housing/utilities assistance.  Meanwhile, the business owners rake in the big bucks saved from not properly paying their employees and many collect millions in government subsidies, too.  Walmart is a great example.

Even more strange was how she described her love of animals (even though she doesn't believe climate change is killing off polar bears).  She went all "hippie" and said she loves animals, and they flock to her, landing on her shoulders.  Yea. she turned into a Disney character right in front of our eyes.  Snow White she is not.  

So let's look at a few of the comments from Real Time viewers tonight about how Mary Matalin can't handle her booze, or weed, or whatever it was she took that had her bumbling like a fool.

Tim:  "That's the only way she can believe the stuff that comes out of her mouth."

Sharon:  "She was on The View earlier this week. Everyone wrote in because she looked and acted the exact same way. Suffice it to say Bill was very nice to say she had fallen, but exactly when or how she fell. It had to have been at least last week."

Jeannette:  " She looked impaired and hubby did not look happy!!! Get her some help!!!!!"

Sarah:  "So glad we all saw her the same way! Bad facial surgery, her eyes are too tight and weepy; her cheeks are so tight she cannot move her lips top or bottom; much less smile! That kiss blowing was blatantly 'queenly' and yet, when she tried to tell the other younger woman (MI Governor Jennifer Granholm) just 'how young she was'...the younger woman shut her down with knowledge, skill and diginity (sic)...without touching a drop! Take that, Matalin!"

Hudson:  "Looking like her higher power-Nancy Reagan. Surgical nightmare high on vikes"

Jackson:  "She may have been high on pain meds or drunk, but she was still the embodiment of everything that's wrong with the Teapublican Party. Willful ignorance, arrogance and the belief that the only real Americans are the Neo-Cons. She's gripping (sic) about the poor state of the educational system causing a breakdown of economic upward mobility, when it is her party that is destroying education in America by insisting that science be replaced with religious fairy tales and that policy should be based on ideology rather than logic or facts. They only want to teach obedience, and how to answer questions on standardized tests, when they should be teaching kids how to reason and think for themselves. She and her ilk are the problem in this country."

Paul:  " New Rule: James Carville is driving home tonight"    

Go home, Mary Matalin.  you're drunk! 

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