Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Creepy Bridal Mannequin Rumored to be Corpse

Via Roadtrippers.com
Oh, Facebook.  You do share some good ones.  Now I'm completely creeped out by this story from Examiner.com via Roadtrippers.com about a folk-legend surrounding this bridal shop mannequin - she's really a corpse.

The Dia de los Muertos Bride from every nightmare I've ever had...

In Chihauhau, Mexico, sits a little bridal shop call La Popular where the same mannequin has modeled wedding gowns for the past 75 years.  They call her Pasqualita, and only a few select employees are allowed to dress her, and only in secrecy.  No one else is allowed to touch her.

What makes the mannequin so suspect is the extreme details of her face and hands.  Seriously, the hands creeped me out completely because I've never in my life seen life-like nail beds (yellowing), and fingers (turning black) on detailed hands anywhere except..well, on actual humans.  (See all images on Roadtrippers.com)

Now, some argue that it couldn't be a corpse because decomposition would render it skeletal and all way back when.  I would normally agree with this except there have been documented cases of people keeping the corpses of their loved ones inside the home where they bathe them daily and drench them with chemicals to kill any decomposers on the body that would eat the flesh and marrow, eyes and skin, etc.  And that's just in third world countries.  With embalming the insides, and maybe dipping in wax and using shellack on the outside along with doll parts like those weird eye contacts some people wear to look like dolls, and lots of makeup...well.  Could be that the story is true, and Pasqualita is the deceased daughter of the original shop owner who died on her wedding day from the bite of a black widow spider.  Or some random dead chick. 

One of the employees said the mannequin even has varicose veins.  Now, I'm no expert on making mannequins, but I'm pretty sure that's not a detail any retail doll needs to have.  Reports of paranormal activity come hand-in-hand with the mannequin to include that she changes positions on her own which is noted when employees come in to work the next day.  So, will I be traveling down to Chihauhua anytime soon to purchase a cursed wedding gown recently worn by a dead body?  Uh...no.  No, sir, I will not.  

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