Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How can you help 90 year old vet? Love Thy Neighbor

I just can't let this go, Seriously. While men in power bleat over bureaucracy, one man continues choosing being a good man over being a good citizen. Ninety year old veteran, Arnold Abbott, has been serving his country all his adult life. He is truly a good man who knows that helping people means to get out there and do, not sit around and argue semantics on paperwork. (Write or call Mayor Seiler and tell him he needs to sit down with Mr. Abbott and the two pastors of Love Thy Neighbor, and come to a compromise that helps the homeless of Fort Lauderdale) (Read the entire story to date on my correspondence with Mayor Seiler here)

So he's been cooking, preparing, and passing out meals to homeless people at the park and the beach. As he does, it seems the Fort Lauderdale police have nothing better to do, no actual harmful crimes to foil than citing this man for "sharing food publicly", an activity that is banned in the city. I guess I couldn't offer you a lick of my ice cream cone without getting handcuffed. Sorry. It's really tasty, too.

Mr. Abbott has stated he is not concerned with these citations. Said even though he could face a possibility of 6 months in jail and $500 fine each time, he'll still continue to feed the homeless. This is a man who walks the walk. How can we not admire that?

How can you help? That is the question. I have the answer. Donate to his organization, Love Thy Neighbor. This organization is in honor of his late wife, Maureen, who he says (in the video above) used to be able to spot a homeless person a mile away, and she'd always help. You could always volunteer if you happen to live in the city, but if you don't, donating is the next best way to put actions to intentions, just like Maureen Abbott, and just like Arnold Abbott.

You can keep up with Mr. Abbott on Facebook, and also check out the above shown YouTube video about his work.

I leave you with this thought. Be the change you wish to see. 

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