Friday, January 31, 2014

Crazy stuff cats do video so much better than the news

There was a lot of bad news today.  More coverage of the Snowpocalypse in Atlanta where people who had to abandon their cars on the side of a highway to get to safety learned they must hurry back and get those cars before they get towed at the driver's expense; a Texas hospital wants to charge the family of a woman who was kept on life support against her and the family's wishes while a court decided if she should be taken off that life support; Republicans snuck a bogus farm bill through that held a provision whereby these politicians can keep secret from the public any government farm subsidies they receive all while they take food out of the mouths of starving children, the elderly, and our military vets who cannot find work due to PTSD and lack of training in anything other than combat; drought in California and Nevada that threatens the very continued existence of Las Vegas, and record low temperatures on the eastern seaboard that are stranding and even killing those who can't afford the new average electric bills of over a thousand bucks!

With that said, here's an adorably funny cat video that will make everything I just said disappear...for a moment.