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Texas Rep conveniently shuts out constituents with blocked email account

Texas - Rep. Jodie Laubenberg (R) sitting next to GOP candidate for governor of Texas, Greg Abbott (yet another anti-woman politician and pal of musician and right wing idealogue, Ted Nugent) ; Image credit:
When Republican Representative Allan Rothlisberg of Kansas infamously stated that if he was a woman over 50, "I wouldn't need gynecological services" he pissed off a lot of women over the age of 50.  One in particular, Jan Stowe who has spent her career as an RN, was so incensed that she started a Facebook page called "Pissed Off Women Over 50 and Friends of Pissed Off Women Over 50".  Other pissed off women over 50 and all their friends migrated to that page and a movement was born.

After bombarding Rothlisberg's office with their outrage, other members began offering up more politicians who seem set on destroying women's rights, their reproductive rights, their rights to privacy between them and their physicians, and marginalizing women based on nothing more than personal morality and party ideology steeped in complete non-factual, unconstitutional ignorance.

The latest politician to receive heat from the "Hot Flash Mob" is Texas' own Jodie Laubenberg. Yes, Texas has so many unbelievably moronic politicians to choose from that you can almost toss a horse shoe in any direction and hit one right between he eyes. You may remember Laubenberg from the Republican side (it's always a Republican!) of the now famous Senator Wendy Davis (D) 13-hour filibuster trying to stop the passage of a bill that would put into place a 20-week abortion ban and would so severely restrict women's health clinics that they would not (in any sane and rational world) be able to comply with the ridiculous and medically unnecessary riddle of regulations put forth by these religious zealots in politicians' clothing.  The filibuster worked only until Governor Rick Perry called for a third special session at the taxpayers expense to force this thing through.

Laubenberg made some wholly mind-bogglingly stupid comments about rape kits used in emergency rooms.  She said (quote reported in The Huffington Post) ""In the emergency room they have what’s called rape kits, where a woman can get cleaned out,"  For those who may find themselves in the unpleasant situation of being as uninformed as this woman, rape kits are used to collect DNA evidence from the bodies of rape victims.  They do not, in any way, shape or form,, 'abort' or 'clean out' semen or fertilized ova.  That is not their function.  Laubenberg's job as a lawmaker is to be informed on the subject matter for any legislation.  Her comment shows an epic failure in this department.  And this piece of shite legislation was her bill.  Her baby, so to speak.

Laubenberg continues to push her anti-choice agenda onto Texas women which will cost women their lives.  Need an explanation?  I'll let the brave, smart, and amazing Jan Stowe take you through the finer points from the point of view of an expert in her field.  Please read the letter that Ms. Stowe recently sent to Rep. Laubenberg, and her assistant, which was returned with a delivery failure message of - (This happened to others who also tried, and failed, to get through to Ms. Laubenberg and her assistant's emails)


Your e-mail is being returned to you because there was a problem with its
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The line beginning with "Diagnostic-Code:" describes the specific reason
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Please direct further questions regarding this message to your e-mail

--AOL Postmaster

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Ms. Stowe's letter supplied by her as a public service and a courtesy to Best Stuff 
Shared on Facebook reads as follows (unedited):
To: JodieLaubenberg <>

Sent: Fri, Feb 21, 2014 3:49 pm

Subject: I am the "pissed off" woman who started the campaign against you this week.

Dear Mrs. Laubenberg, 
My name is Jan Stowe and I am the co-organizer of 'PISSED OFF WOMEN OVER 50 AND FRIENDS OF PISSED OFF WOMEN OVER 50."
We started a 5 day Facebook event page to "Hot Flash Mob" Ks. (R) House Represenative Allan Rothlisberg for his comment "If I was a woman over 50 I wouldn't need gynecological services."
Our "event" was so successful we went from 20 people joining when the page went up late Sunday night
on Jan.25th to 1660 joinees when the event calendar expired at 6 PM on Jan.31st. The overwhelmingly positive response we got from intelligent, politically aware, but pissed off men and women spurred us on to continue our campaign against politicians all over the country who are making ignorant statements, imposing their moral and religious beliefs on their constituents, and introducing  some of the most moronic and restrictive anti women's bills in the history of our nation.
We polled our members  for our next candidate and your name came up repeatedly. I sincerely hope you have read the e-mails this week because they will provide you with a much needed education.
On a personal note, I am a former, now retired, RN. 14 of my 40 year career was in OB-Gyn as nurse manager for a group of 6 doctors in the Texas Medical Center. The physician with whom I worked most closely was the President of the Medical Staff at The Methodist Hospital for several terms. That is why I was so appalled about your ignorance and blatant disregard of a woman's health care needs.
Unfortunately and sadly, you are just one of so many politicians, who with little medical knowledge and no formal medical education, are passing misogynistic punitive anti-women's rights laws at a staggering pace.
Our group is committed to helping unseat or defeat as many of these politicians as possible, including you.
Although our group is pro-choice, that is not our only focus. But on the subject of pro-choice, let me give you some background information on what you can expect with the restrivctive anti abortion laws that you have introduced, and too many passed into law.
As a young student and later an RN in Houston in the early 70's, I cared for too many women who had had illegal abortions. They came into the ER hemorrhaging and often septic, suffering from perforated uterus, bowel, bladders and rectums. I will never forget holding a young woman on the table as she was having a seizure due to tetanus from a contaminated instrument. Sadly, way too many of these patients died.
That is when I became a strong advocate for women's right and actively demonstrated for the passage of Roe v Wade. Morbidity and mortality from abortion dropped 90% after a woman was able to seek legal abortion done by trained professionals in a sterile environment.
I neither condone nor condemn abortion, as that is such a personal choice for so many reasons that only the woman and her healthcare provider, NOT politicians, should make. That is why my mantra for 45 years has been 'Keep it LEGAL to keep it SAFE."
I hope you are prepared to live with having the blood and death of many women on your hands because the restrictive anti-abortion laws that have been introduced and passed will force desperate women to seek abortion illegally again, as they have since before recorded time. Roe v Wade was also passed in part to offset the huge medical bills that these unfortunate women incurred but were unable to pay.
Once again, for a myriad of reasons, that decision should remain personal between a woman and her health care provider. Period!
I have a friend who was on an archeological dig in Israel when she unearthed a 5,000 year old uterine curet, the instrument that actually IS used to perform a D&C. Think about that Mrs. Laubenberg. Let that sink in for a moment.
So. although I think you are really just pandering to the right wing religious population to garner their vote, and also to your wealthy campaign donors, I hope you realize how very very dangerous and potentially life-threatening these restrictive anti-women's health care bills are. I find it especially egregious, that as a woman you don't have a better understanding of this.
Jan Stowe

Come check out the Facebook page event for the Hot Flash Mob here.  

Suggestions for getting through to Rep. Laubenberg so she is made to hear the opposing views of Texas women who are outraged are welcome.  Texas has quite a list of misogynists who want to play God and Doctor with women's healthcare, but when such comes from another woman, it's unfathomable and unacceptable.

Even Patrick Stewart is outraged. 


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What does the fox say?

This adorable video of a rescued fox named Dawn answers the question - "what does the fox say?"  Well, the fox sounds kinda like a very happy dolphin.  Your heart will melt and you'll want one of your very own after this.  (This is the kind of stuff that's welcome in my FB feed anytime)

Pot turning into the new "Chicken Soup" prescription

Image credit:

The more it's tested, the better it becomes.  A new article from highlights a study conducted "in the journal AIDS Researcher and Human Retroviruses by a team of researchers at Louisiana State University indicates that a daily regimen of THC may have a significant impact on the progression of HIV."

Marijuana is slowly proving to be the new "Chicken Soup" for what ails you. Good for quelling seizures, glaucoma pain, impedes cancer growth(has cured it in some cited cases) and also good for pain related to cancer, and now this? Why are we fighting its legalization across the entire nation again? Oh yea, because people could grow their own and therefore the profit margin isn't what it could be...uncontrollable in that respect.

Feeling bad?  Eat some chicken soup.  Have cataracts, glaucoma, cancer pain, uncontrollable seizures - eat some chicken soup and smoke a doobie.

Have I mentioned that you can't overdose on marijuana and we don't have any Mother's Against High Drivers organizations?  By all accounts, it's not difficult to cultivate and grow, either.  

We are idiots and until we break the stranglehold companies and rich people have over our laws, over our way of life, we're just going to continue to cut our own throats and march towards extinction as people die for no good reason other than puritanical people's inability to distinguish between harmful drugs like alcohol or heroin and beneficial naturally occurring marijuana.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Striptease encourages exercise

I would hit spin class everyday for this!