Friday, May 23, 2014

Non Surgical Knee Pain Relief with Supartz

I see a lot of people with arthritic pain searching for the best possible treatments.  Having lived with Rheumatoid Arthritis nearly my entire life, I get it.  It hurts, and there is nothing worse than having to miss out on doing the simplest tasks because of that pain.  Well, seems like scientists have discovered that not only is chicken soup good for what ails you, but the chicken's coxcomb is too.

Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease of the knees affects millions of people; especially those who are middle-aged and elderly. Choosing surgery as an option to repair the damage and reduce the level of pain becomes riskier with age. There is also the possibility of the body rejecting prosthetic parts which would render the patient's knee non-viable leaving him/her disabled.

So what is the alternative? What can be done to alleviate the pain in one's knee caused by Osteoarthritis and DJD?

The answer to that question is Supartz. Created by Bioventus and in use since 1987, Supartz is used by orthopedic surgeons to control knee pain caused by Osteoarthritis. Supartz is made from sodium hyaluronate cultivated from the coxcomb of a chicken. It is also a naturally occurring chemical in the human body and found in the joint tissues and synovial fluid the cushions the joints (and acts as a shock absorber). One could say it's "chicken soup" for what pains your knee.

The fluid is injected into the knee in a very simple procedure in the doctor's office. The injections are given once a week for three to five injections total depending on the patient and his response to them. Some patients see improvement in as little as three shots. Online Orthopaedics ( recommends "For 48 hours after the injection is administered, it is probably best to avoid activities such as jogging, heavy lifting, sporting activities, or standing or being on your feet for a long period of time. Discomfort from the injection is usually controlled by the application of ice."

This is all well and clinical, but how does it really feel? One lady who is 73 years old and suffering age-related DJD recently completed all five injections on her right knee. She tolerated the shots well and said they didn't hurt. We'll call her "mom". I do.

By the third shot, mom shared that she no longer experienced pain in her knee; pain that had become so severe that she even felt it when trying to sleep at night. "I don't have to take my Tylenol arthritis pills at night anymore" she claims. Thanks to Supartz, she isn't facing a knee replacement surgery.
Once Supartz therapy is complete (all 3-5 injections), the pain relief can last anywhere from 6 months up to ten years. This result varies in patients and is dependent upon a number of factors to include activity level. Mom is looking forward to getting started on her left knee now.

It's important to note that Supartz does not repair knee damage, but rather provides the "cushion" to prevent further damage and alleviate the pain of bone grinding on bone.

The injections are quick. With the patient laying down, a numbing sterile solution (gel) is applied to the surface of the skin, As the doctor injects the fluid, a nurse or medical assistant places an ultrasound device on the knee so the fluid injection may be monitored and directed to the areas most in need. It's actually a relatively small needle so this is good news for those with major needle phobias.

How do you know you're a candidate for Supartz therapy?

If you have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in your knees, and you cannot gain relief from pain through exercise or standard pain relieving over-the-counter medications, you are a candidate. So far, Supartz has only been tested on and used for knee pain. Possible side-effects may be swelling and/or pain in the knee initially following an injection.

Those allergic to poultry or poultry products, have infections or skin diseases on their knees, or have had allergic reactions to Supartz or hyaluronate products should not have these injections.

Supartz is a very good non-surgically invasive alternative treatment for Osteoarthritis/DJD knee pain. If you are a candidate (as explained above), ask your doctor if this product is right for you.
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