Saturday, June 28, 2014

Because guns and vibrators are the same

Yes, guns and vibrators are exactly the same thing in that if you have them in the house, your kids will find them.  No matter how cleverly or safely you think you've hidden them, or how often you've stressed respecting privacy, and staying out of things that don't belong to them, kids will go through your stuff.  You know it.  I know it.  We all did it when we were kids and found dad's porn stash - or stranger yet, mom's porn stash!

This ad by the advocacy group, Evolve, doesn't take sides in the debate over gun control.  It merely points out the obvious; kids WILL get into your stuff and play with it.

So enjoy a few moments of humor and the embarrassing discomfort of two moms witnessing their sons playing 'swords' with two vibrating dildos.  After you stop laughing, the seriousness will sink in.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Milking the cow...

China has surpassed their erotic weirdness of sex robots by inventing a machine designed to literally suck the sperm out of men (too lazy, perhaps, or inhibited) to masturbate at sperm banks.  The Automatic Sperm Extractor is to masturbation what the remote control was to everyone who ever felt love for the boob tube; the ultimate lazy man's tool.

It's height adjustable and the suction pipe has controls for frequency, amplitude, and temperature.  It also has a screen for viewing "inspirational" images to get donors in the mood.

So line up, "Jersey" boys; the milking machine is online and ready to accept your donations.

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