Thursday, August 21, 2014

Will you help save the monkeys?

16 monkey animal testing lab
Sometimes, we have to get serious here in BSSOFB. When something like this situation is brought to light, it needs to be shared. Whether or not you support PETA matters not here. What is important is this.  Air France is still transporting monkeys as cargo to labs around the world that will perform experiments on them that are barbaric, no longer relevant, and are the worst possible indictment on an industry making money off the extreme cruelty of animals.

Worse, the torture and abuse these little guys go through at the hands of handlers will shock you. In the video provided below, you see how the people supposedly trusted to take care of them, instead, inflict abuse, hit them, shove tubes down their noses and throats, pump them full of chemicals, and then shove them into tight tubes in which they cannot move, and are suffering. They are terrified. If you're a pet owner, imagine someone doing this to your dog or your cat. If you're not an animal person per se, imagine it's your child. Would you allow this to continue to happen or to happen at all?

Of course you wouldn't!  So this is where you get the opportunity to do something.

Write Air France directly and tell them you will not support them, and that you demand they protect these animals by not supporting shipping them to labs. All shipping of live animals to labs must cease.

Link to video. Warning:  Graphic torture of monkeys.

Share this video on Air France's Facebook Page. Leave a statement that asks them to please stop aiding in the torture of monkeys.

Tweet this article on Air France's Twitter page or your own. 

Don't fly Air France until they publicly announce they are ending all contracts to ship live animals to labs.

Share this article out with friends on your social media: Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.

Awareness is key. My very special thanks to PETA for bringing this to light. It killed something inside me to watch the video, but we can't just bury our heads in the sand, cover our ears, and ignore unpleasant problems. Doing so just allows these abusers to continue their torture, to keep capitalizing on it.

You may be asking why target the airline instead of the labs that order these monkeys? Simple. Air France is one of the very last airlines to still provide transport of live animals for lab testing. If you take away the transport, the business of selling the animals to labs hits a wall. While that wall is hit, then the labs can be targeted, and finally, that would put those who procure animals for sale to labs out of business. The way society sees animals testing must change before we can rid ourselves of those who would capture those animals or breed them for business. Kill the demand, then there is no market for the supply.

Please help by one of the suggested ways above. Save a monkey's life.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Headlines that speak truth!

Jonathan Saenz (KEYE)
Yeah, I'd date women, too, if I were leg-shackled to this character.

In the continuing spirit of sharing awesome headlines from the ole Facebook feed comes this priceless ditty.  (Image links to Raw Story)

Wife of top Texas anti-gay crusader divorces him to be with lesbian partner

In their religious zeal to impose biblical rule state by state, the far-right wing GOP (and crony of Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott who recently used his Hispanic mother-in-law in a campaign commercial to try and show how 'ethnic' he can be), seem to be sadly neglecting their women in the bedroom; so much so that they're seeking out other partners to scratch that itch...even female partners. I guess we can conclude the one sexual act this yahoo refuses to perform...

I hope they keep it up.  They're just driving them away and straight to the Democratic polls. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Headline with horse sense
I'm a huge fan of a good headline.  Not many writers who blog, self-publish on websites, or contribute to print are particularly good at creating an effective headline much less an efficient lead.  Still, when I see a good one, I love to share. 

Today's headline from The Daily Beast beat all.  I don't even care what the actual article says.  The headline got me, and all I could think was "Can I get an AMEN from the congregation?" {Insert James Brown saying "Hey!" here}

A-Men!  The only thing that could make this epic headline any better would be the actual spelling out of Horsesh*t.  But no one wants to offend Google, I guess.  They might get 'the vapors!"

Exclusive: Obama Told Lawmakers Criticism of His Syria Policy is 'Horsesh*t'



Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Adriana's Insurance Service Proves it's a Big Butthead

Story of the day on Facebook making the rounds shines an ugly spotlight on one insurance company so heinous, so jackass-like, that I had to call them out right in the title.  Just to make sure no one misses out of being informed of their childish and buttheaded behavior.

According to The Daily Kos, a senior gentleman by the name of Andres Carrasco filed a lawsuit against Adriana's Insurance Services.  The charge alleged he'd been assaulted by one of their employees.  Not sure on the detail as to whether this went to court and was found to be true or if the business simply settled out of court knowing they were in the wrong.  Either way, what this insurance company did next proved them to be the world's biggest A***holes.

A settlement of $21,000 was delivered to Carrasco's lawyer's office buckets.  Buckets and buckets of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.  Seriously?

Carrasco is a senior citizen who just had hernia surgery.  Even without the surgery, lifting buckets of change that amount to $21,000 is impossible for the poor guy to lift.

The Daily Kos tried reaching out to Adriana's Insurance Services for comment, but, of course, they were unreachable.  As the DK put it, what possible defense could they have for this rotten and ridiculous move?

Knowing this, who would EVER utilize this business again.....