Friday, June 19, 2015

GOP, we see what you're doing; Stop!

In light the horrific act of domestic racial terrorism in South Carolina, a lot of the clown car representatives for the GOP have stepped to the mic to garner attention, spin a tragedy, offer their two-cents on what happened. Let's be clear, the perpetrator of this crime has already stated exactly what he did and why he did it. Despite the clarity,  'Hey, look how smart my glasses don't make me look' Rick Perry called it "an accident" and blamed what happened on drugs. 'I would have a revolving First Lady (giggle/snort)' Sen. Lindsey Graham said it was "an attack on religious freedom", and now Jeb 'I'm exactly not like my brother" Bush has said this:  "I don't know what was on the mind or the heart of the man who committed these atrocious crimes," Really? You don't, Jeb? But, but....he said...Oh, never mind!

Tonight on Bill Maher, a really great point was made on one of the two main issues at the heart of the Charleston shooting - gun control, and I see it as more of a solution. An article from the site The New Civil Rights Movement, called for legislating that all guns be insured much in the same manner as a car. I couldn't agree more. As he said, Texas has taken a perfectly legal procedure (abortion) and done every damn thing they can to make it near impossible to get one in the Lone Star state by making regulations so hard to meet, there are only now 8 places where a woman can obtain one no matter if she even needs it to save her life. If the Republicans can do this with the abortion issue, with a procedure protected by law, I say do this with gun regulations. Make it damn hard to obtain one(only sold in specialized gun stores), require extensive background checks, and require both registration of all firearms (national database) along with insurance for those guns. Hey, I'm a responsible driver, but I have to back that sh**t up with insurance because anything can happen including someone borrowing or stealing my car and running someone over. I'm a responsible home owner, but if something should happen on my property, I have to back that sh**t up with insurance. My car and my house are far less deadly than a gun. I'm damn tired of empty talk from politicians and people alike. It's time for action. So saying, we have these deflectors squawking away so you, average Joes and Janes, won't focus on the correct issues.

Jeb Bush Joins Other GOPers in Downplaying Racism That Fueled the Charleston Attack

I read this headline, one of many over the last twenty-four hours that has shown not a single one of these candidates is willing to address the real issues here; the deep-seated bigotry and racism that has never gone away despite the fight for civil rights and equality, and.....the excessive amounts of and easy access to guns even by those who have been convicted of crimes, served restraining orders, or are known to have mental health issues. No one will deal with this because the NRA owns the GOP, and the few conservatives who are moderate on the issue are too afraid of losing their monetary campaign support and elected offices to open their mouths and say "No More!"  Cowards. In response to this headline, I penned this on my Facebook page (yep, me this time)."

"These conservative candidates have diseased minds. Even when the shooter straight out says to one of the survivors "I came here to kill black people", confesses his crime to police, and once again states he wanted to start a 'race war', they open their mouths and lie, manipulate, and deceive as they twist the situation away from what really is in an effort to capitalize on it for their own gain. But guess what? We are not fooled. Only those who wish to be fooled, who suffer the same sickness will buy into their empty, evil rhetoric. I think this is the straw, ya'll....the one that will break the camel's back, and not by causing the very civil war that the little white punk wanted, but rather, the last nail in the coffin of the conservative movement because there is no other way to spin this. Trying to do so only exposes those with ugliness and selfishness in their hearts. We see you, all of you who try to downplay this or spin it to drugs or some nonsense attack on Christianity. We see you. We. See. You!"

The lights are on, cockroaches. Scatter!